Serie A Do Not Intend To Stop Playing If There Is Another Quarantine

This time, it seems that COVID-19 will not be able to beat football in Italy. Paolo dal Pino, president of the league, assured that they are intending that the championship will not stop in case there is another national confinement.

Paolo dal Pino, president of the Italian Serie A league, said on Monday that the organisation intends to continue playing the championship even if a new national confinement is decreed to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

“In the event of a new national confinement, Serie A will not stop and will continue, I see no reason to interrupt it,” said Dal Pino in an interview with national television ‘RAI’.

The Serie A, which was interrupted between March and mid-June because of the pandemic, was able to complete the 2019-2020 season last August and began the new campaign in September, having managed to play all the matches in the first eight rounds.

In a period of about a month, between September and October, the government gave the go-ahead for a maximum of 1,000 people to enter the stadiums, but the new increase in infection caused the stadiums to close down again in November.

Italy, which introduced new restrictions in a decree on 3 November, recorded 27,354 new cases of coronavirus and 504 deaths on Monday, although there are signs that the epidemiological curve is beginning to flatten out.

In total, a total of 1,205,881 people have been infected in the country since the beginning of the emergency on 21 February with the detection of the first native positive results.

Italian football has suffered and continues to suffer significant economic losses, which Dal Pino estimated at 600 million euros.

“I said that we have lost about EUR 600 million this year because of the closure. We have asked the government, as well as the other sectors, for aid. We pay more than one billion euros per year in taxes and our request is to delay the deadline for payment. We are not asking for money from the State,” he said.

“We write repeatedly to the government and I have never received a written reply, the same thing happened to (Federal President Gabriele) Gravina. I see that in England Boris Johnson has committed himself to some Premier League issues and Angela Merkel has done so in Germany. Football is not only an important industry, it is part of Italian DNA,” he added.

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