Soler “Really Annoyed” Murthy Did Not Let Him Wear The ’10’ Shirt

Javier Cordon, Carlos Soler’s agent, spoke to ‘A Punt Esports’ and revealed that the Valencia footballer wanted to wear the ’10’ shirt, but Anil Murthy stopped him.

Carlos Soler was Valencia’s star against Real Madrid. The academy player scored three of the four goals, all of them from the spot, and helped his team to a convincing win over ‘Los Blancos’.

As a result of the hat-trick, Javier Cordon, his agent, spot to ‘A Punt Espoerts’ and revealed the ‘8’s anger with the club this summer.

“When a shirt number becomes free. requests can be made to the club delegate to have the number with priority given to those who have been at the club longest. His teammates had been made aware, but on the same day of the meeting, the president called him and told him that he could not give him the ’10’ shirt because he needed for commercial matters which were about to be completed,” he explained.

“Carlos didn’t want to cause a problem and said ‘ok, but he was really annoyed because he wanted to wear the ’10’.

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