Strasbourg Have Announced 5 Positives

Strasbourg confirmed on Friday through an official statement that the weekly tests done this Thursday, as part of the prevention protocol established by the club, produced five coronavirus positives.

The coronavirus pandemic continues to cause chaos in the footballing world. After the growing infections in Spain- Fuenlabrada, Real Madrid, Portugalete, Zaragoza…- it’s the turn of Ligue 1.

As part of the prevention protocol, Strasbourg usually carry out weekly tests, and on Friday, the club announced that Thursday’s tests produced five positives.

The players in question were isolated, in quarantine, at the time the infections were made known, the official statement on the French club’s website reads.

Strasbourg also informed the Regional Health Agency in order to “limit the spread of the virus by applying the instructions recommended by the authorities”.

This situation leads to the cancellation of Saturday’s friendly match against Nancy, as well as the postponement of ‘Fan Day’ at the Stade de la Meinau.

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