The Surprising Performance From Georgina Rodríguez On ‘Mask Singer’

Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner, Georgina Rodríguez, participated in the programme ‘Mask Singer’ on ‘Antena 3’. She surprised everyone dressed as a lion and sung the song ‘Si por mí fuera’. They mistook her with the presenter Cristina Pedrocha and ended up going out.

A programme that is successful in other places in the world started on ‘Antena 3’ on Wednesday. It is called ‘Mask Singer’.

In the show, participants appear in costume and sing a song. There is a group that has to guess who the celebrity is who is performing.

Georgina Rodríguez, model and Ronaldo’s partner, didn’t hesitate in going up to the stage. She did so with a spectacular lion costume.  And no one was right about who she was: they mistook her for Cristina Pedroche.

Nani got sent off and left the pitch in tears!

Ronaldo’s partner was the least voted of the night. She had to therefore reveal her identity and leave the programme.

After it, she explained how she felt after singing the song ‘Si por mí fuera’ by Beret. “The worst thing of all is the heat I’ve had with the costume…”, she said.

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