“We Have To Take Responsibility For The Defeat”

James Rodríguez analysed Colombia’s 3-0 defeat against Uruguay and only blamed the team for the playground mistakes that happened in the game from the start.

Colombia were somewhat affected after their heavy defeat against Uruguay. Too many key mistakes from Queiroz’s men allowed Tabárez’s side to get a key win on the road to the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

Speaking to ‘Caracol Radio’, James Rodríguez made a clear self-criticism after a match in which the Colombian team was never rivaled by the Uruguayan national team.

“The first two goals were our mistake, we have to take responsibility and see where we failed”, the Everton player explained.

Quieroz was somewhat less harsh, who stated that “it wasn’t his players’ day”. “As a coach, I take full responsibility. The players fought, took risks in the match to come back with the result, change the destiny of the game, but it has not been possible”.

With that result, Uruguay are up to 4th, while Colombia are down to 7th after the first defeat of the ‘Queiroz era’.

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