Ter Stegen Gifted Atletico Madrid The Opening Goal

The match between Atlético Madrid and Barcelona looked to be heading for 0-0 at the break, but a tremendous error by Ter Stegen left Carrasco with an open net and he made it 1-0 at half-time.

Marc-Andre ter Stegen has been the saviour on many occasions, but in the game between Atletico Madrid and Barcelona time he was the villain.

It was 0-0 just before half-time and after a long ball from the back by Atletico Madrid, the German keeper came running out of his goal towards midfield and Carrasco took full advantage.

The Belgian arrived just before the goalkeeper did and he got past him with a lovely touch of the ball. That was after Gerard Pique had failed to clear.

The Atletico Madrid player had an open goal after getting past the keeper and he hit home from distance to make it 1-0 right on half-time.

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