Teryy Could Get His Debut As Head Coach In The Same Place Lampard Did

The Chelsea legend is aiming for his first coaching role at Derby County, which is where Frank Lampard, now with Chelsea, earned his coaching stripes.

John Terry and Frank Lampard’s sporting lives seem destined to be intertwined. Both key players in the most powerful Chelsea team in history, now both are trying their hands on the sidelines.

After a spectacular year at Derby County that was just a few days away from promotion, Frank Lampard has had the opportunity to rebuild ‘his’ Chelsea and he has been doing so for a year now.

Meanwhile, retired Terry has been training as an assistant coach at Aston Villa, the club where he last kicked a ball some years ago.

Well, now he could take a similar path to Lampard. Following the departure of Philip Cocu from Derby County, the Championship team wants to fill his vacancy with John Terry.

This was announced by the ‘Daily Mail’, which believes that the former CB would be the perfect person for the team that was a candidate for promotion and has started the season badly and is bottom of the second category.

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