The Reason Why Pep Decided Not To Go To A Bayern Trining Session

The Athletic’ revealed that Pep Guardiola decided not to go to training one day at Bayern Munich for a simple reason: he wanted to dissect Rui Vitória’s methods at Benfica.

Nobody doubts the methods of Pep Guardiola who has been one of the best managers on the planet for more than a decade. He became one of the best by being almost obsessed with his methods until he got as far as he did.

According to ‘The Athletic’, during his time at Bayern Munich, the coach even skipped a training session and left his assistants because he wanted to continue studying the methods of a rival coach.

Guardiola became obsessed with Rui Vitória, whom he compared in the defensive plane with Arrigo Sacchi, another coach very valued by the Catalan.

It was all in the run-up to the quarter-finals of the 2015-16 season, which the Bavarians ended up winning. Pep locked himself up in the office for 12 days and watched up to ten Benfica games.

After his analysis, which included the aforementioned skipping of on one of Bayern’s training sessions, Pep prepared a 45-minute video for his players.

Of course, the game, despite being taken by the Germans, was difficult. Vidal gave a 1-0 win at home and, in Portugal, there was a draw with goals from Vidal and Müller, while the Portuguese saw goals from Raúl Jiménez and Talisca

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