Timo Werner Spoke About His Chelsea Inspirations

In an interview with the official sponsor of Chelsea ‘Three’, Timo Werner chose his four idols from the London club. They are Ashley Cole, Didier Drogba, Petr Cech and Frank Lampard. The last one is his current coach.

Werner’s Chelsea idols are Ashley Cole, Didier Drogba, Petr Cech and Frank Lampard. He told this story in an interview with one of the sponsors of the English team, ‘Three’. He explained that, when he was a child, he followed them very closely.

“When you get here, the stars are simply working for the club. When you think about it as a child, at ten maybe, and then you see Ashley Cole, Frank Lampard, Petr Cech, you say ‘wow, it’s crazy, I’m here with them now’. It’s a lot of fun,” said the striker.

He was also asked if he followed the Premier League at all. He answered yes, that he has always liked it, and put it ahead of other competitions: “For me, it is a dream come true: to come and play in the best league in the world”.

The list of praises did not stop there and he even mentioned Cristiano Ronaldo’s Manchester United. He did it by remembering how, as a child, he saw the good work of English teams in the Champions League. He, a German, followed his country’s teams, but he also kept an eye on Chelsea and company.

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