Zinho Vanheusden Got Injured

In the match between Standard Liège and KV Oostende, one of the defenders and captain of the hosts suffered a horror injury after a coming together with an opposition forward.

Zinho Vanheusden froze all of our hearts. The captain and one of the centre-halves of Standard Liège in the match against KV Oostende had to leave on a stretcher after bending his knee in the match.

It all happened in the 18th minute of the match when Zinho expected to clear a cross from the visitors while he fought for the position against Gueye. When the ball arrived and both players fought for its control, the home defender stood awkwardly, and his leg remained embedded in the grass in such a way that with his movement it was left in an unnatural position and bent.

When the defender fell to the ground without being able to articulate movement, he began to scream and the referee stopped the game. Finally, the footballer left on a stretcher and with the support of his teammates and rivals, at the same time that social media was flooded to send him a quick recovery.

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